10 Best Electric Egg Beater to Make a Great Addition to Your Kitchen

Whenever your recipe calls for beaten eggs, you could use a fork or whatever you can improvise with. However, some cooking processes require a certain level of smoothness and nothing gets the job done better than an electric egg beater. There are lots of electric egg beater products in the market, that’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help you choose the best electric egg beater out there.

While eggs can be beaten manually, electric egg beaters help you achieve some sort of consistency in the smoothness or texture of the beaten egg whites or yolk, hence, the preferred choice. Not just eggs alone – they can also be used for whipping cream and pancake batter.

As you know, there are thousands of products in the market, but we have reviewed and narrowed them down to the best 10. Without further delay, let’s get into details.

Top Pick

KitchenAid Digital Hand Mixer is our topic pick for so many reasons. One of them is, it has 9-speed levels for different functions.

The stainless steel pro whisk and turbo beaters are up to the task of delivering consistent texture. It’s also very user-friendly; it comes with a beat ejector button and a storage bag. 

Budget Pick

If you want a product that you wouldn’t spend much on and get still get great quality, the Dash Compact Hand Mixer would be a good choice.

It boasts of 3-speed levels with two stainless steel beaters to get the job done. It is lightweight which makes it very portable.

Best Electric Egg Beater Reviews

1. KitchenAid Electric Egg Beater

Highlighted Features

  • 9-speed levels
  • Soft start
  • Stainless steel pro whisk and 2 stainless steel turbo beaters
  • Button for beater ejection
  • Swivel cord lock

This product comes with several accessories like; 2 stainless steel turbo beater II accessories, 2 dough hooks made of stainless steel, a stainless steel pro whisk, and a blending rod to give you the best beating or whisking results.

The soft-start feature allows you to build up momentum, avoiding immediate splashing of the bowl content. Likewise, there are 9-speed levels for different functions – speed 1 is for slow stirring, speed 6 for mixing butter or batter, and speed 9 for whipping.

In terms of ease of operation, you’ll love it as it comes with a soft handle for a firm but comfortable grip and a button for the easy and quick ejection of the beater. You can also work with the product at any angle all thanks to the swivel cord lock. 

It comes with a storage bag, that way you can put all the accessories in one place and keep them safe. This would be an excellent choice for mixing, beating, whipping, or even blending.

2. Jemotek Electric Egg Beater

Highlighted Features

  • 300W power
  • 5-speed levels
  • 4 stainless steel beaters
  • Storage stand
  • Fast cooling

Jemotek electric egg beater is your go-to hand mixer for your desired consistency in texture. With this product, you can start slow and then speed things by just sliding the speed switch from low to high. It comes with the turbo function as well – speed will never be a problem!

It comes with 2 bigger beaters and dough hooks made from stainless steel. They can be cleaned easily with a damp towel soaked in hot water or with the dishwasher. The long, well-designed handle allows for a firm grip and there are vents for quick cooling so the unit doesn’t get too hot.

The mixer comfortably sits on the storage stand while the accessories go in it, standing next to the mixer – that way you won’t lose any of them!

The beaters are powered by a 300W motor but make zero noise while in operation. It is perfect for beating eggs, whipping creams, or batter and would serve you well should you decide to go for this.

3. Mueller Austria Electric Egg Beater

Highlighted Features

  • 8-speed levels
  • Slim stick
  • Egg whisk
  • Versatile
  • Stunning design

The Mueller Austria hand blender boasts of an impressive design featuring a slim stick hand blender with a detachable shaft attached to its motor. This product provides a 2-speed option with 8-speed levels.

It comes with a hand blender, egg whisk, and a milk frother – whatever mood you’re in for, this product’s got you covered. You can comfortably use it to whisk a bowl of eggs and get amazing results.

It provides multiple functions such as blending ingredients for shakes or smoothies using the stainless steel fixed blade. When it comes to operation, it is easy to use and doesn’t require any prior knowledge of mixers or blenders.

The design makes it really portable and will fit in drawers or bags and can be moved around easily. It is dishwasher-safe and can also be cleaned manually by just rinsing with water.

4. Dash Compact Electric Egg Beater

Highlighted Features

  • 3-speed levels
  • Portable
  • Beater storage
  • Stainless beaters
  • Eject button

If you’re looking for that small, portable mixer than can fit in your drawer or you can carry on the go, this hand mixer might be the one for you. It boasts of an impressive design, with a well-built handle for a firm grip while also housing the beater when not in use.

The beaters are made with stainless steel and can go up to 3-speed levels to help beat your eggs to whichever texture you want. That’s not all, you can also mix, whip, and blend.

When you’re done working and want to clean, all you have to is hit the eject button and the beaters will be dissembled for cleaning which can be done by wiping clean or using the dishwasher for the non-electric parts.

With its stunning design and attractive set of colors that it comes in, it’ll make a great gift or as a beautiful piece for your kitchen countertop.

5. Cusinart Electric Egg Beater

Highlighted Features

  • 5-speed levels
  • Swivel cord
  • 2 extra-long beaters
  • Easy cleaning
  • Heel rest

Say your goodbyes to the days of beating eggs with your hands, this electric egg beater will easily get the job done in just a few minutes! It can also be used to mix your batter and butter.

It comes with all the essential and improved parts such as a swivel cord for both right and left-handed use, two extra-long beaters that self-cleans, a spatula, and an eject level for the beaters.

This product comes with a built-in 200W power motor with an auto feedback system to conveniently carry out all your commands. What you may find interesting is the single slide control – mixing times never seemed so good!

The 5 speed levels are more than enough to mix the thinnest and heaviest ingredients and the handle allows firm grip so you can take full control of your mixing process. It comes with two extra-long beaters for faster and better mixing or whipping.

You can clean this product easily, wiping clean with a towel.

6. Black & Decker Electric Egg Beater

Highlighted Features

  • 6-speed levels
  • Power boost
  • 250W motor
  • Bowl and heel rest
  • Eject Button

This hand mixer is one of easiest to use out there which offers immense value – definitely, a must pick if you’re looking to add one to your collection.

If you purchase this, you’ll find attached, one whisk, two dough whisks, and two-wire beaters. Worried about how stressful it’ll be removing these parts? Don’t worry about that as there’s an eject button to quickly disassemble them and wash in the dishwasher – yes, the parts are dishwasher-safe!

When you have to place the mixer down, you can easily sit the heel of the mixer on your kitchen top or the edge of your bowl and with 6-speed levels, there’s always one for your mixing or beating task.

Some tasks, however, might require speeds outside the speed range, that’s why the makers included a built-in turbo boost to rapidly increase the speed for tough tasks.

It comes with a case, so you can store all its accessories safely. It is safe to use, easy to clean, and use.

7. Utalent Electric Egg Beater

Highlighted Features

  • 300W power
  • Multi-speed
  • Eject button
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes with 5 accessories

This product is perfect for those looking for a portable and user-friendly hand mixer. It has multiple speed levels and provides up to 300W of power. Like the multi-speed isn’t enough, there’s also a turbo boost feature all in the same button with the speed levels.

You’ll be fully equipped for any task, all thanks to the 5 attachments it comes with; two beaters, two dough hooks, and a single whisk.  When you’re done working, just press the eject button and attachments will be disassembled easily for cleaning using your dishwasher.

The handle was designed to be non-slip, you’ll feel confident holding and using this product. Also, there’s a vent on the side for quick cooling, so the mixer doesn’t get too hot to hold. The product is designed with a bowl rest for convenience.

It easily checks all the essential requirements and will be perfect for your outdoor trips, dorms, or small kitchens.

8. Toogel Electric Egg Beater

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable angles
  • 3 attachments
  • Speed control button
  • Easy to use and clean
  • 50W power

This might just be the best hand mixer because it offers something different from the others – a 3-way adjustable angle. That way you can comfortably work in whichever angle suits you best with the press of a single button. Its sleek and compact design provides you with a firm grip – you’re going to love using this product.

Its power may be small compared to others but 50W is still enough to carry out basic mixing, whipping, and beating tasks. The attachments it comes with are; electric mixer, whisk, drink mixer, and beater. They are all BPA-free and made of stainless steel.

There’s also stand support and a speed button to regulate your speed. Maintaining it is as simple as ABC – simply use your dishwasher or wipe all dirt off with a clean damp towel.

9. Ovente Electric Egg Beater

Highlighted Features

  • 5-speed levels
  • Eject button
  • 150W power
  • Chrome beaters
  • User-friendly

Achieve your desired texture with the 5 different speeds available by easily sliding the speed switch from low to high.

It comes with two powerful chrome beaters powered by a 150W motor to deliver you with excellent consistency when beating your eggs.

At a single press of the eject button, the chrome beaters will be ejected easily for maintenance or safekeeping in the attached case, big enough to hold the beaters, mixer, and the power cord.

If you’re looking to add a new hand mixer to your collection, this would be an excellent choice. It is powerful, has strong beaters, easy to clean, and most importantly easy to use.

10. Black & Decker Premium Electric Egg Beater

Highlighted Features

  • 5-speed levels with turbo boost
  • Helix beaters
  • Bowl and heel rest
  • Easy to clean
  • Auto-eject button

Turn your egg whites and yolk into a soft, smooth paste courtesy of this product’s helix beaters which are made from reinforced nylon to withstand tough mixes and provide strength for continuous performance.

This product comes with two helix beaters, one wire whisk, and two dough hooks – for general mixing, thick doughs or mixtures, and whipping or aerating respectively. It also comes with a case for easy storage.

It offers 5 different speed levels, so you can adjust according to the task at hand! If you frequently handle tough mixes, don’t worry, there’s a turbo boost to help add more power to every speed deliver and get your work done!

Maintaining this hand mixer won’t be a problem at all – the mixing tools can be easily disassembled by just a push of the ejector button and washed conveniently in the dishwasher.

If you’re wondering what the heel and bowl rest are for, they help prevent a messy work area by allowing the mixer to sit firmly on the bow’s edge.

It is a brilliant product and would make a great addition to your mixing appliances.

Things to Consider Before Buying Electric Egg Beater

All the products we reviewed are great and we want you to make the best decision by picking the product that suits your lifestyle and meets your needs the most. This section highlights the important factors you should look out for before making that decision and some other useful tips.


Most products start slow to avoid splatter and then build up the momentum. If you want lightly beaten eggs or want to mix dry ingredients, opt for products with about 3-speed levels which will be okay for you. If your work, however, is a little tough, you should consider products with high-speed levels – maybe 5-7. A turbo function would also be a great option for you.


Depending on how bulky your eggs are, you can pick between single or double beaters – double beaters are perfect for tougher operations. Besides the beaters, a significant number of manufacturers include two or more attachments in their products. So if you’re interested in mixing or whipping batter, look out for products that come with mixers, whisks, or dough hooks.

Storage case

Lack of storage space for all your attachments will lead to you losing them gradually. Ensure the product you’re looking at has a storage case to house all the attachments. That way all your attachments will be in one place and you can reach out for them anytime you want.


Imagine having to beat your eggs for almost 10 minutes with a heavy electric beater? That would absolutely suck! Even the lightest electric beaters start to feel not so lightweight after working for a while. So, ensure the product is lightweight since the operations involve you holding the product while working.


An ideal product should have a handle that doesn’t slip out while working. The handle of the product should be designed in a way that permits you to hold it firmly while working – think silicone or rubber grips.

Ease of Operation

The product you’re looking at should be user-friendly, preferably one with a design that allows you to hold and switch speeds with the same hand while the other hand holds the bowl steady. Other features that would ease your operations are heel or bowl rest and eject buttons.

What is an Electric Egg Beater?

An electric egg beater is a handheld kitchen appliance that is powered by a motor to rotate the attached beaters to carry out the task of beating your bowl content. Most products come with other attachments like mixers and whisks for mixing and whisking respectively.

Why do I need an Electric Egg Beater?

Most electric beaters come with multiple speed levels, which ensures a hassle-free operation as there’s a perfect speed for any of your tasks – whether simple or tough. Besides, they are effective and ensure consistency in the texture of the beaten eggs.

How do I Maintain my Electric Egg Beater?

Maintaining your electric egg beater is as simple as it gets. For cleaning, it’s in two steps – the body and the attachments.  The body is usually made with plastic which can be conveniently cleaned using a wet towel. For harder stains, just scrub gently with soapy water. Be careful not to get water into the mixer through the quick cooling vents as that may damage the product.

The great thing is most products come with dishwasher-safe attachments for stress-free cleaning. However, if your attachments are not dishwasher-safe, you can simply rinse them with water and they’re good to go for storage. When you’re done, hang them in the storage stand for drying and do not use until they’re dry. Make sure to unplug the product before cleaning.

Since it’s an electric device, you should avoid pulling the power plug. Also, store them properly – do not put them where they can fall easily.

Which Wattage Level is Best?

The products we reviewed have a wattage range of 50W-300W. The motor generates the power which it uses to drive the gear-mechanism which in turn rotates the beaters. So the higher the power, the faster and better it is.

Final Thoughts

An electric egg beater is a must-have for every household. It makes your egg cooking easier and comes with other useful attachments for whipping, mixing, or even milk frothing.

We have provided you with relevant information on the 10 best electric egg beaters so you can easily pick whichever you feel will serve you and fit your lifestyle the most.

We know you know your needs, so does it include high speeds, ease of operation, and lightweight design? If yes, the KitchenAid Digital Hand Mixer would be an excellent pick. It comes with turbo beaters that are made from stainless steel and offer 9 different speed levels!

However, if you want a more pocket-friendly product, you can go with the Dash Compact Hand Mixer. It is very portable and the beaters are made with stainless steel, going up to 3-speed levels.

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